Though Joan Shelley has popped up on other people’s songs in recent times, it’s been three years since she put out an album of her own. Now, she’s ready to unveil the followup to 2019’s Like The River Loves The Sea. Her new collection is called The Spur, and it’s out in late June.

Shelley recorded the album about a year ago, when she was seven months pregnant with her first child. James Elkington produced the album, and it features appearances from Bill Callahan, Meg Baird, British novelist Max Porter, and Shelley’s husband Nathan Salsburg. “The Spur is the result of a period of opposite extremes: of intellectual hyper-connection and physical isolation,” Shelley said in a statement. “This album will forever be fused with the memory of our marriage, the birth of our child, and the intense joy despite the darkness.”

Along with the announcement, Shelley has shared the album’s title track. Check it out below.

01 “Forever Blues”
02 “The Spur”
03 “Home”
04 “Amberlit Morning”
05 “Like The Thunder”
06 “When The Light Is Dying”
07 “Breath For The Boy”
08 “Fawn”
09 “Why Not Live Here”
10 “Bolt”
11 “Between Rock & Sky”
12 “Completely”

The Spur is out 6/24 via No Quarter.