Jimmy Kimmel has pulled some evil pranks over the years on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but this one might be the most sinister. During Thursday’s episode, Kimmel and his man-on-the-street team tricked Swifties into thinking they were releasing to a brand-new Taylor Swift song. But it was actually the latest single from Lara Trump, the wife of Donald Trump’s sweaty son Eric.

“Taylor Swift’s album isn’t the only major release this month,” Kimmel said. “It’s the biggest, but we also got a new single a couple weeks ago from RNC co-chair and former first daughter-in-law Lara Trump.” The song, “Talking to That Little Girl,” begins with, “Talking to that little girl / Riding on the pegasus / In this hurricane life / You still gotta spread your wings and fly.”

A Taylor Swift song, this ain’t.

After calling Trump “Taylor Not Too Swift,” Kimmel shared his opinion of the song (“terrible”), but admitted that maybe he’s biased (he and Lara’s father-in-law have a, uh, history). “I recused myself from this jury and I turn it over to the people,” he said. “We went to the farmers market here in Los Angeles, and we told shoppers strolling by that we had a sneak preview of a new album from a big artist.” They thought they were hearing a song from The Tortured Poets Department, but boy, they were in for a surprise. The nicest thing anyone had to say was that it sounds “really, really robotic — more like AI.”

You can watch the reactions in the video above around 8:50.

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