Earlier this year, the provocative Norwegian pop experimentalist Jenny Hval released her great Classic Objects album. Today, she’s followed that LP with a new single called “Buffy,” and it’s about exactly what you’re thinking. “Buffy” is a song that comes from Hval’s own improvisations, both musical and lyrical. She began the track by jamming on a synth, and the lyrics, about Buffy The Vampire Slayer, were improvised as well. Here’s what Hval says about the song:

Somehow, I improvised some lyrics that referred to Buffy The Vampire Slayer, probably just because I have watched it so many times. I do like the idea that a TV series with many episodes, like Buffy, can be used as a creative and political rehearsal. An episodic form rehearsing overthrowing a dictatorship, a plutocracy, or theocracy?

“Buffy” is not a song about a slayer, a superhero, or feminist icon. If anything, it’s a song about hope, but in an understated and episodic way. Because to me, hope is more hopeful when it is presented in a subtle way.

Hval has also shared a video of herself performing a couple of songs from Classic Objects, “Cemetery Of Splendour” and the album’s title track, in what appears to be a well-appointed Norwegian living room, with a very pretty dog looking on. Below, check out “Buffy” and that live video.

“Buffy” is out now on 4AD.