From divorce rumors to a canceled tour, Jennifer Lopez has definitely faced some downs in 2024. Well, the saga continues.

A few days ago, TMZ shared photos and video of Jennifer Lopez on a commercial flight from Naples to Paris. The footage shows Lopez occupying a window seat, a bodyguard taking the aisle seat, and an empty seat between them.

Reactions to the situation have been mixed. There are those who decided to mock of criticize Lopez. TMZ themselves joked in their headline, “Jenny from the Cabin.” In the comments of their Instagram post, some users saw Lopez’s chosen mode of transport as a plea for attention or relatability. One user wrote, “PR team working overtime trying to make seem relatable.” Another said, “She wants to regain likability. No one likes her anymore because of her persona. Pure Marketing.” Somebody else wrote, “Oh please !! This is just to pretend she is humble !! But naaaah ! We know we know , SHE IS NOT.”

However, some came to Lopez’s defense. One user wrote, “Do random people really be taking photos of her and selling it to tmz? Damn.” Another said, “Leave this woman alone!” Another person wrote, “but if she flew a private jet ppl would be roasting her for killing the environment.. these celebs can never win.”

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