Jennifer Lopez has 20-plus years experience in fielding questions about her relationship with Ben Affleck, but that doesn’t make it any easier — especially now that rumors are flying about whether Affleck and Lopez are headed for divorce.

Lopez was in Mexico promoting her upcoming Netflix movie Atlas when a reporter went rogue and asked Lopez, “Is your divorce with Ben Affleck real?” According to People, the room was “full of astonished press,” likely because it was an unspoken rule that any Affleck questions were off limits.

Glamour Mexico circulated video of the exchange on X (formerly Twitter) showing Simu Liu, Lopez’s Atlas co-star, jumping in to say, “OK, we’re not doing that. Thank you so much, guys. We really appreciate it.” Lopez leaned forward, looked sternly in the off-camera reporter’s direction, and said, “You know better than that.” Liu added, “Don’t come in here with that energy, please.”

Affleck and Lopez, affectionately known as “Bennifer,” rekindled their early-aughts romance three years ago and wed in July 2022.

On May 17, People reported that Affleck and Lopez had been “living separately” in Los Angeles.

People additionally reported on Affleck and Lopez’s status on Wednesday, May 22, citing an unnamed source in saying their marriage “is not in the best place at the moment.” The report detailed that Affleck and Lopez are dealing “with their differing personalities and different views on what to share about their personal lives.”

Another unnamed source said, “I don’t know if they will split, or if this is something they will work through.”

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