Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck looking for new (and separate) blocks to call home? After pulling the plug on her This Is Me… Live summer tour to “focus on family,” fans assumed Bennifer would use the time off to enjoy marital bliss. However, it appears the couple’s days might be filled with house hunting.

According to TMZ, for weeks, the couple has quietly been working to sell their Beverly Hills mansion. Upon first glance, this report wouldn’t raise any suspensions. But the outlet revealed that Lopez and Affleck only purchased the $60+ million property just over a year ago. Now, users online have begun to speculate that the pair is headed for divorce.

“It’s so sad,” wrote one user. “For the last year or so it was all about love this, love that and finally finding & reconnecting with Ben. Creating a whole album, putting herself out there, and being vulnerable… to this.”

Neither Lopez nor Affleck have made any public mention of a split. Also, both have been spotted out wearing their wedding rings. But supporters believe Lopez’s short response with a reporter when asked about her marriage last month should have set off a few alarms.

The public seems to be rooting for the couple. This comes after their confessions about still battling PTSD from their 2003 breakup.

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