Bunnie Xo is in some hot water after cursing onstage during Jelly Roll‘s performance at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on Wednesday (March 6).

“Your girl messed up,” Bunnie says in a TikTok video explaining the situation. “Apparently at the Houston Rodeo, you’re not supposed to cuss.”

“You’re not supposed to say one bad word onstage,” she continues. “And if you do, they’ll turn the lights off, kick you out and never let you come back again.”

“Nobody told me this.”

The Dumb Blonde podcast host then goes on to share that she had a conversation with Jelly Roll before his debut at the massive event and told him specifically that she did not want to be onstage.

With nearly 75,000 people packed into NRG Stadium, it was the largest crowd Jelly Roll has performed in front of, and Bunnie wanted no part of it.

Unfortunately, that’s not how the night went.

What Did Bunnie Xo Say on Stage at the Houston Rodeo?

The latter part of Bunnie’s TikTok video is actual footage from Jelly Roll’s set. He motions for her to join him onstage and she reluctantly does what he asks.

The crowd goes nuts when they see her, and the “Halfway to Hell” singer then hands her the microphone, telling her to say hello to everyone.

“Houston, what the f–k is up?” she says with enthusiasm.

At that moment Jelly Roll turns away from the camera with what Bunnie calls “the look of despair.”

Does the Houston Rodeo Have a “No Cursing” Rule?

The restrictions listed online for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo are specific to guests attending the shows. There doesn’t appear to be a code of conduct for performers available online.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some rules at play here.

The Houston Rodeo does have the right to ask their guests to behave in a way that lines up with their values. Several users on Reddit say the event prides itself on being family-friendly.

Hardy appeared tempt fate with the restriction during his show on March 2. He even had the crowd join him in his rebellious act.

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Does the Houston Rodeo Ban Artists for Cursing?

If an act has been banned from the Houston Rodeo for using colorful language on stage, there hasn’t been much noise about it — at least not on the internet.

In 2006, Maroon 5 issued an apology for their use of profanity during their show. It’s unclear if the band was banned from the event, but lead singer Adam Levine apologized again in 2018, when the band was back in Houston for another show and seemingly asked to be invited back.

“If you would have us back, we would love to be back curse-word free,” he said at the time.

The Houston Rodeo tweeted a positive response, which makes it seem like they don’t hold grudges.

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