Kim Kardashian’s recent birthday party raised some eyebrows. Kardashian shared a gallery of photos from the event on October 22 and onlookers immediately noticed the presence of Ivanka Trump. Commenters wondered what the heck Donald Trump’s daughter was doing there, while Jason Isbell took the opportunity to look back at a run-in (well, avoided run-in) he had with the former Trump administration advisor.

In response to a tweet about a New York Times story on Ivanka at the Kardashian party, Isbell recalled seeing Ivanka and her “goofy cowgirl clothes” at a festival one time, writing, “Ran into her at a music fest the week her dad’s house got raided by the FBI. Goofy cowgirl clothes. Thank God a storm came up and she left before we went on. She walked toward me backstage- I turned and walked away. Some artists were VERY friendly with her though. We saw that.”

The FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago took place on August 8, 2022, and Isbell performed at Wildlands Festival in Big Sky, Montana a few days later on August 12. So, it would seem that’s the fest he’s talking about here.

Isbell, meanwhile, is fleshing out his IMDb page with an acting role in Killers Of The Flower Moon.