To be clear: As far as we can gather from publicly available information, Kanye West does not wear diapers. That hasn’t stopped Jack Antonoff from jokingly making that assertion about Ye, though. He did so in a Los Angeles Times interview from February, and he did so again yesterday (April 16) on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

The discourse started when Kimmel rattled off a list of some of Antonoff’s collaborators, all of whom were women. He jokingly asked what Antonoff has against men, and then more seriously wondered if there’s something that makes him more inclined to work with female artists over male ones.

Antonoff attested that he works with a lot of men, too. He then went on to try to explain his perspective to Kimmel, and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts at getting Kimmel to understand, he eventually said:

“I think men… There’s two people that I think are are almost too over-sensitive to even function, and it’s men and members of the music industry. The amount of sensitivity… it’s sort of like watching Kanye. By the way — and Jimmy, you might like this because I know that you have your own relationship with the right and how you interact with them, and you’re much closer to how I see these things than other people. I don’t like going to people and, ‘You do this, you do this, blah blah blah,’ because that’s what they want, you know, this sort of type of over-sensitive man. So I just do more of this, like… like if I saw Kanye, I would run up to him and be like, ‘The diaper… your diaper is so full, we have to change your diaper. Your diaper needs to be changed, there’s a huge problem.’”

He then compared that mindset to Kimmel’s famously antagonistic approach to Donald Trump and his supporters, assessing that, like Kimmel, he prefers to “up the trolling” instead of being “overly offended.”

Antonoff’s band Bleachers also performed “Tiny Moves” on the show, by the way, so check that out below.

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