Lorde’s latest album is Solar Power, which she dropped in August 2021. It’s been a while since then, so fans are eager to hear new music. But…

Is Lorde working on a new album?

On Instagram yesterday (December 17), Lorde shared a couple photos of herself wearing headphones, captioned, “Listening to myself.”

This got fans excited, like one who speculatively wrote, “L4 SEASON IS UPON US. Lorde is TEASING NEW MUSIC on her Instagram post this is NOT a drill!!!!!!” She tried to temper expectations with her response, though, commenting (as Billboard notes), “We’re not CLOSE close you guys… i’m just getting so hype n needed to let u know .. start ur excitement on a low flame and bring it up to a gentle simmer .. we building stamina for this chapter.”

This follows another teasing Instagram post from this past August in which Lorde wrote, “After the show we went swimming.. these times are beautiful and they freak me out and there’s so much to tell you. No this is not the start of anything out there, just want u to know there’s a light on inside me .. show it to you soon.”

In a February interview, she also noted, “You know, it’s my intention, it’s always my intention, to move as quickly as I f*cking can, and then that ends up taking different forms. But this one, I really am trying to. I don’t want to wait, you know, so take from that what you will.”

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