Loudwire was onboard the Summer of ’99 cruise which featured the first pair of performances from the reunited Creed in 12 years and we interviewed the band about the experience.

Playing their first show since 2012 on April 18, Creed launched into a mid-afternoon set as the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship departed Miami, Florida for Nassau, Bahamas. Emotions were high onstage and in the crowd, culminating in a powerful exchange between the band and fans.

The second set came at night on April 20 and it found the group rotating three songs into the set, ensuring fans were treated to something fresh, including a different sequencing of so many hits.

With it all fresh in their minds and hearts, we spoke with the band’s principle members — Scott Stapp, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips.

They discuss the magical moments onstage, their viral ascent over the last couple of years, reconnecting, using their platform for good, getting to know fans onboard, their favorite songs to play and a lot more.

Read the full interview below or watch the interview in the video player at the top of the page.

The first thing I noticed about the first two shows that you played is, Scott, the interaction between you and Mark, the smiles that you were giving were saying so much more than just a smile. And I saw you kind of lean up against them and say, it feels so good to reunite. Tell me about those moments.

Mark Tremonti: We grew up together. In this business we experienced all the highs and lows together and getting back up there and seeing the positivity thrown at us, you just can’t resist it. It’s amazing.

Scott Stapp: I know the songs so well. [When] I’m thinking about the moment, my mind goes back in time. I’ve known this guy [Mark Tremonti] since high school and I start thinking about the first time we met in high school at a party. I start thinking about the holidays we spent together, the family times and in college. We grew up together. We experienced a lot together outside of music just as buddies — good and bad.

All that stuff starts flooding back in and you just realize how important these relationships are in your life. There’s many times I’ve spent on the golf course with [Scott] Phillips over the years and being roommates with this cat [Brian Marshall] right here.

We went through some real life stuff as friends. It’s much deeper to me than just the music.

What was the biggest difference playing the first day versus your second show?

Mark Tremonti: The first show we knew that people were going to have their cell phones up and everything was going to be online. It was the first look at the band in 12 years. We knew we had to navigate that and make sure that the show is played as properly as possible.

[The second] night, when the lights went down, we just had fun. All the stress was off and we just wanted to have a good time.

Scott Stapp: That was Mark’s pre-game speech.When we got together backstage, [he said,’ “Let’s just have fun tonight, guys. The pressure is off.”

A group huddle. Scott, I heard you say you were training to get ready for this tour like you were getting ready to play in the Super Bowl.

Scott Stapp: That’s right, man. All year. You want to do it right. These opportunities and the way this has gone down I don’t think happens to many bands to have this kind of resurgence after 20-plus years.

Mark Tremonti: I remember seeing Bon Jovi come back in arenas. I was like, “You know what? Maybe 5-10 years from now that will happen with Creed and look where we’re at.”

Scott Stapp: I go into every show with the same mentality — to deliver the best that I can. We all have the same mindset and. We are having a good time up there, so I hope you can see it.

(Left) Creed’s Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti close together onstage (right) Scott Stapp points a finger in the air



The resurgence for Creed has been incredible. There’s all the viral moments that we see online, even the memes. It’s very sincere and genuine. What is it like seeing some of these funny memes going around on the Internet and watching your band’s star take off all over again?

Mark Tremonti: It’s been awesome, especially when your kids come up and show you the stuff. They’re the ones that are really tapped into that generation. Some of it’s funny, some of it’s just uplifting and it’s all bringing people back to the Creed concerts.

Scott Stapp: Whatever brings them back to the music. However it gets them down the rabbit hole of, “Who is this band?” There was kind of this weird twist in all of it and I think it actually brought more people into focusing on the music. So it actually worked out for our good in the end.

One thing we learned this weekend is that, Scott and Brian, these were your first Creed shows in sobriety. Congratulations. To have someone there who is on the road with you, sharing these moments, do you feel like you’ve got each other’s back?

Brian Marshall: Absolutely. You’re just so much more connected with yourself and with your higher power.

Just to be in the moment and not worry and not have the guilt and all the things that go along with addiction and alcoholism… to have that sort of removed from the whole scenario is just so cool.

Scott Stapp: And to actually remember the show.

[Sobriety] is there for people who want it. Anybody out there that’s struggling, there’s help out there. Just reach out for it.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug and/or alcohol dependence, help is available through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website. To speak to someone on the phone, dial 1-800-622-HELP (1-800-622-4357) or send a text message to 1-800-487-4889.

Creed are a band that has broken up twice. What have you learned having broken up twice and reuniting again now?

Mark Tremonti: I always say that when you’re in your first band, everybody gets possessive about what everybody is doing. You don’t want your bass player to go play with this band. You want everybody to just be all about that band.

But I think we’ve all done so many things over the years now. Scott can go be a politician if he wants [laughs] and come back to Creed. I can go sing Sinatra songs and come back to Creed. I think we’re all open minded to it now. We all support one another and we’ve got a lot of things to look forward to with this year.

Is it growth, maturity, understanding, forgiveness?

Scott Phillips: All of it.

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This band is so uplifting in so many ways… why do you dress in all black?

Mark Tremonti: Man, it’s rock ‘n’ roll!

Scott Phillips: I get yelled at when I don’t wear black. I’ve been beaten down over the years by [Mark Tremonti] — “You’re not wearing black?”

Brian Marshall: [points to Boston band T-shirt] I have some bright blue on the shirt!

What has been your favorite thing about cruise?

Mark Tremonti: Getting to know everybody on the boat. Everybody has been so supportive.

I’ve done about six or seven rock cruises and they’re always a good time. I thought it would be the best way for Creed to reintroduce ourselves to the fanbase. This is much easier than getting into a sold out arena — that’s a lot of pressure. The boat is just fun. It’s laid back and I think it was perfect.

creed summer of ’99 cruise



You’ve got the tours that are going to be coming up in the summer and the fall. How are you going to regroup after this and get ready for that tour?

Scott Stapp: We’ve got rehearsals in July. We have stuff going on in-between with Mark’s solo touring. I’m still promoting my Higher Power solo album. It’s a busy year for all of us.

Scott Stapp, “Higher Power”

You’re also going to be doing a Creed acoustic show in May. Mark, tell us a little bit about that because we know it’s for a very important cause.

We partnered with the National Down Syndrome Society and we’re trying to raise as much money and awareness for folks with family members with Down Syndrome. These guys [the rest of the band] are gracious enough yo just jump in and not even blink an eye and say, “Yeah, we’ll do a Creed performance.”

We’re raising a lot of money and since I started the Take a Chance For Charity project, we’ve raised almost $2 million. We’ve opened up the first lifespan Down Syndrome clinic in the southeast and it’s been a blessing. It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever achieved.

When you do start a band and you get this platform, it’s important to think about what else you can do to elevate other things around you. Scott, we know your faith is important to you. How has that been for you for being able to communicate these things with others?

When you’re given this platform and you’re at the place we all are in our lives, we see what we can use it for outside of just the music. It’s the things that we believe in, whether it be our sobriety, our faith in God, helping with causes that we believe in and are connected to.

We all understand after all these years the responsibility that comes with this. We cherish it and we want to nurture it. We want to do all the things that we could have done better the first go around on this go around.

For all the young artists out there, don’t ever take what you’ve got for granted because it can go away in an instant. Preserve your relationships and use what you’ve got for good and the music will live on.

What song felt the best to play onstage, either from night one or night two?

Brian Marshall: I think the most fun for me right now is “Weathered.” We played that the first night. I like to play the songs off the Weathered record because I wasn’t on that record.

Creed, “Weathered” — April 18, 2024

Scott Stapp:  I’ve really enjoyed “Never Die,” “Faceless Man, “Never Say I,” but particularly “Faceless Man.” That’s always been one that I really connect with on a spiritual level. It rocks as well, so I definitely feel connected with something greater than myself when I’m performing that song.

Creed, “Faceless Man” — April 20, 2024

Mark Tremonti: “Faceless Man” is definitely one of this band’s favorite songs to play. It always has been. It’s a very passionate song for us. “Say I’ is just a fun live song and always has been.

Creed, “Say I” — April 18, 2024

Scott Phillips: Obviously “Faceless Man.” I love playing “My Sacrifice.” It’s a technically not that hard of a song, but it just has that emotional, uplifting feeling to it. I love watching the crowd give us feedback on that song and sing along with it. It’s normally towards the end of the night, so you’re getting the best vibe. It’ as much a show for us to watch them as it is for them to watch us.

Creed, “My Sacrifice” — April 18, 2024

Thanks to Creed for the interview. Catch them on tour this summer and fall and visit the Creed website to see all of the upcoming dates. The Summer of ’99 and Beyond cruise kicks off on April 27.

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