This summer, the fancy New York gentlemen of Interpol are coming back with The Other Side Of Make-Believe, the new album that they recorded with Flood and Alan Moulder. This is the first Interpol album since 2018, and it’s the first one that the band has ever recorded remotely, with the band members all doing their parts separately. The band already shared first single “Toni,” and now they’ve followed that one with the new track “Something Changed.”

“Something Changed” is a relatively spare and muted track, and it features a whole lot of tense piano-plinking. The song’s video is the second part of a two-part series that started with “Toni.” Where “Toni” was more of a musical fight-sequence number, “Something Changed” is moodier. Van Alpert once again directs, and the clip follows a very naked young couple on the run from Paul Banks’ cop. (Junk and boobs are blurred out, so this one probably won’t get you fired, but maybe proceed with caution.) The video might be an extended Garden Of Eden metaphor, with Paul Banks as God? It’s pretty weird.

In a press release, Paul Banks had this to say:

In “Something Changed,” part 2 of our short film with Van Alpert, reality and reverie converge and our two lead characters find themselves in a kind of dream state — being pursued inexorably by an ominous figure (played by myself). The lives of the three are intertwined in a nebula of fear, retribution, desire, and defiance.

Watch the video below.

The Other Side Of Make-Believe is out 7/15 on Matador. Pre-order it here.