Steven and Ian begin this week’s episode by talking about shows they plan on seeing this weekend — Ian is going to check out the buzzy retro-pop master Cindy Lee while Steven is venturing to Las Vegas to see Phish play the Sphere. They also briefly touch on the iffy-looking Taylor Swift album out today, The Tortured Poets Department, which has high “unintentional comedy” potential.

From there they follow up on last week’s Coachella discussion to cover some of the festival’s viral performances, which also happen to be the biggest trainwrecks of the opening weekend: Blur’s indifferently received spot and Grimes’ glitch-filled DJ set. Then they review two albums out today by veteran rock acts: Pearl Jam’s Dark Matter and Cloud Nothings’ Final Summer. Do they still have the juice? The guys hash it out.

In Recommendation Corner, Ian recommends Chanel Beads and Steven raves about the new single by Ben Seratan.

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