This week’s episode begins with Steven talking about his visit to Brooklyn as part of the promotional tour for his new book, There Was Nothing You Could Do: Bruce Springsteen’s “Born In The U.S.A.” And The End Of The Heartland. They also commence a quick Sportscast to talk about the state of jinxes and reverse-jinxes concerning the Minnesota Timberwolves.

From there, they talk about how the Black Keys announced a change in tour plans from playing arenas to more “intimate” venues in light of weak ticket sales. Is this a sign of bigger changes in the live concert business? They also discuss a recent article about the so-called “end of merch” and their respective feelings about band t-shirts. (Ian is indifferent, Steven has passionate opinions.) Then they address the recent soundtrack to the 2024 cult film I Saw The TV Glow, and how the album comments on the glory days of movie soundtracks from the 1990s.

In Recommendation Corner, Ian talks up the latest release from shoegaze band Draag while Steven stumps for a box set from The Waterboys documenting the making of an ’80s alternative classic.

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