For the past several weeks, Steven and Ian have planned to do a mailbag segment on the show. But they always end up yapping for too long, and the segment inevitably ends up getting bumped. This week, the guys finally rectified the situation by addressing some emails from their loyal listeners.

What do Indiecast listeners want to know about? Our first letter concerns the matter of seated shows vs. standing-room only shows, and which is preferable. You can probably guess what the 40something-year-old hosts of Indiecast think about this, though Steven makes a case for seated shows providing “guaranteed real estate” that you don’t have to defend if you leave temporarily to get a beer or go to the bathroom. From there, Steven and Ian finally address the email about The Weakerthans, and give their opinion on the beloved Canadian band. They also talk about their favorite indie-rock bassists of the last 25 years, and the legacy of the indie-folk band Beirut.

In Recommendation Corner, Ian talks about the Abe Vigoda offshoot Cupid & Psyche while Steven recommends the vibe-y Chicago rock act Squirrel Flower.

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