Today’s episode begins with Steven confronting Ian over a difficult subject: The big plate of donuts that Ian stole from Steven at his book event in Los Angeles last week. Will the guys be able to get past this? Yes, they will. But not before some serious donut shaming! After resolving the donut issue, they briefly discuss Steven’s plans to see the Pixies, Modest Mouse, and Cat Power on the same bill, and the Pixies’ weird status post-reunion in the 21st century.

After that, they finally get down to the task of handing out their mid-year Indiecasties. Categories include: Most Valuable Album Cycle, Most Memory Holed Album, Most Annoying Music Writer Story, Most Fun Music Writer Story, and Most Overrated Album. Remember: Everybody is a winner at the Indiecasties. It’s an honor just to be nominated!

In Recommendation Corner, Ian talks up the new album from Annabel while Steven raves about the latest from This Is Lorelei.

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