Illuminati Hotties has announced her new album Power, arriving later this summer. Last month, Sarah Tudzin, the creator of Illuminati Hotties, teased the album with “Can’t Be Still.” Upon the announcement today, Tudzin has shared “Didn’t,” the album’s lead single, which features Cavetown.

On “Didn’t,” Tudzin asks herself “What if I just didn’t” live by the expectations of others, or put so much pressure on myself?

In the song’s accompanying video, Tudzin is seen riding in the back of a double-decker bus, enjoying the sights of Los Angeles, eating In-N-Out Burger, and snapping pictures with her disposable camera. Though Cavetown doesn’t appear in the video, the bus is driven by comedian Caleb Hearon, who lip syncs Cavetown’s verse.

Toward the end of the video, Hearon and Tudzin share somewhat of a heartfelt moment, in pure humorous fashion.

You can see the video for “Didn’t” above and the Power cover art and tracklist below.

Hopeless Records

1. “Can’t Be Still”
2. “I Would like, Still Love You”
3. “Throw (Life Raft)”
4. “Rot”
5. “Falling In Love With Somebody Better”
6. “The L”
7. “Sleeping In”
8. “Didn’t” Feat. Cavetown
9. “You Are Not Who You Were”
10. “What’s The Fuzz”
11. “YSL”
12. “Power”
13. “Everything Changes”

Power is out 8/23 via Hopeless Records. Find more information here.