Sir Patrick Stewart is one of Hollywood’s treasures, a “serious” actor who doesn’t take himself too seriously. In addition to portraying some of geekdom’s most beloved zaddies (Star Trek‘s Captain Jean-Luc Picard and X-Men‘s Professor Charles Xavier) and roles on Broadway as a prominent member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, he’s also down to clown around with oft-maligned late-90s butt-rock staples Creed.

In a new television spot for streaming service Paramount+ (which currently holds all the Star Trek shows and films) set to air during the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII, the knighted Shakespearean stage veteran volunteers poor football-headed cartoon star Arnold Shortman to help Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa secure a rope as the streaming service’s stars struggle to climb “Paramount Mountain.”

He then shushes Drew Barrymore‘s worried concerns before shrugging off his parka to reveal an old-timey football uniform underneath and chucks Arnold while cheekily rattling off a list of wildly incorrect terms from various American sports (he is from Yorkshire, after all). Creed appears to sing their signature hit “Higher” as Arnold soars through the air. And although he comes up short, an alternative presents itself: “If only we had someone made of pigskin,” Sir Stewart says.

“Oh dear,” says Cardi B nemesis Peppa Pig.

Check out the hilarious commercial above — or wait unti the Super Bowl, I guess.