A rock festival in the US has declared that, for the first time, a designated moshing zone will be added to the 2024 instalment.

Held in Cadott, Wisconsin, Rock Fest has historically been adamant about putting restrictions on moshing – making moshpits, death walls, circles of death and more prohibited at its instalments.

However, for this year’s edition, it has been confirmed that it will be easing up restrictions and introducing a designated zone where the crowd activity is allowed.

Up until this year, the policy for Rock Fest read that the event is a “non-moshing festival”, and that moshing in any form would “result in wristband removal and removal from the festival grounds.” This, it explained, was due to making the safety of the festival goers a “priority”.


Yet, on Monday – which was coincidentally April Fool’s Day – the festival told punters that the rules had been relaxed for this year, and moshing zones would be introduced but only for the Budweiser Boneyard stage.

That being said, the festival is still adamant that “no hardcore dancing or flail moshing” will be allowed, even in the designated zones.


“In the past, we’ve held back on moshing at Rock Fest to ensure everyone’s safety, which is our top priority,” read the statement.

“We know, however, that moshing is a vital part of rockers’ release and metal experience for many of you. We’ve listened to your feedback and are excited to introduce a moshing area at the Budweiser Boneyard stage as a pilot program. This allows us to embrace the energy of moshing while maintaining a safe environment for all festival-goers.

“We’re setting up designated zones for both moshers and non-moshers, ensuring everyone can still enjoy the show up close. Please note, for everyone’s safety, hardcore dancing styles or flail moshing will not be permitted. Let’s rock responsibly, keep an eye out for our brothers and sisters, and make this a memorable addition to Rock Fest 2024!”

Initially, some were convinced that the announcement may have been an April Fool’s joke from the organisers, however, the festival’s FAQ page has now been updated to confirm that it is real.


Set to take place between July 18 and 20 in Cadott, this year’s Rock Fest lineup is headlined by Jelly Roll, Shinedown, and Thirty Seconds To Mars.