Spotify has been trying to add different features to the streaming platform over the past few months, including an AI DJ recommendation option, new aspects to Spotify Wrapped, and more. As another of the newest additions, they have also made it so users can now watch music videos from their favorite artists.

Here’s what to know about how to view the music videos on Spotify.

How To Watch Music Videos On Spotify

As of right now, the music video feature for Spotify is still in beta testing, according to TechCrunch. As an example photo that was provided by Spotify, they showed Asake as one of the artists who would have a music video available.

To access the music videos, users should click a “Switch To Video” button on a song that has the option. By clicking the button, it will restart whatever song the user was listening to from the beginning.

This is currently available to those who have Spotify Premium and is accessible in eleven countries. “For this beta rollout, we chose these markets based on a number of criteria including market size and the availability of local content support… Stay tuned as we hope to expand the catalog of music videos and increase availability to more countries,” Spotify’s VP Global Head of Consumer Experience Sten Garmark shared, per the outlet.