Spotify rolled out its “Daylist” feature back in September 2023, but apparently, interest in it has skyrocketed lately: Today (January 25), Spotify CEO Daniel Ek tweeted, “You guys have been really loving daylist! (searches last week went up 20,000%).”

So, what’s going on here?

What Is The Spotify “Daylist” Playlist?

In a blog post introducing the feature, Spotify explained:

“Throughout the day, your mood changes, and so does the music you listen to. Last night might have been a windows down, thrillwave monday evening, while this moment is more of a ’90s rave rainforest late night. The point is, you’re ever-changing, and your playlists should be too.

Say hello to daylist, your day in a playlist. This new, one-of-a-kind playlist on Spotify ebbs and flows with unique vibes, bringing together the niche music and microgenres you usually listen to during particular moments in the day or on specific days of the week. It updates frequently between sunup and sundown with a series of highly specific playlists made for every version of you. It’s hyper-personalized, dynamic, and playful as it reflects what you want to be listening to right now.

You’ll get new tracks at every update, plus a new title that sets the mood of your daylist. With relatable titles including thrillwave, happy dance, pumpkin spice, and more, the playlist helps you understand more about your taste in music—and express your unique audio identity.”

How To See Your Spotify ‘Daylist’ Playlist

As the aforementioned blog post notes, the feature is available to use for both free and Premium users in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. To use the feature, you can visit or find it on the mobile app in the Made For You hub. On Spotify’s desktop or web apps, you can also search for “daylist” and it’ll come up.

The playlist updates multiple times per day, but if you don’t want to lose a mix that you’re really feeling, you can save and make a copy of the playlist by tapping the three-dot menu, scrolling to “Add to playlist,” then selecting “New playlist.”

There are also a few options for sharing a “Daylist” mix you get: “A ready-made screenshot of your daylist,” “A social media sticker that captures the essence of your daylist,” and “A changing sharecard with up to four different background graphics depending on the time of day you post your daylist.”