Taylor Swift and her team just about always have something cooking to keep fans busy and entertained. The latest such effort was unveiled today (June 14): The Tortured Poets Department ID.

The IDs have taken over social media (#TSTTPDID is the No. 1 trending topic on X/Twitter as of this post), and they’re a fun way for Swifties to show off their love of all things Swift and Tortured Poets.

How To Get A Taylor Swift The Tortured Poets Department ID

First, visit the ID website that has been set up for the occasion. Then, log in with your Spotify account information. From there, the site analyzes your Spotify listening history and spits out a custom ID.

To use myself as an example, the site told me, “Based on your listening history, we think you’d make a great Wiseman of the Tortured Poets Department.” Other users have reported being assigned roles like “A Real Tough Kid,” “Fearless Leader,” and “Good Neighbor,” among others.

The resulting card includes your Spotify name, your role, and the current date. You don’t get an actual physical card through this process, but you can download an image file of it and do with that what you please.

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