Band To Watch and all-around-buzzy young indie rockers Horsegirl are gearing up to release their debut album, Versions Of Modern Performance. So far we’ve heard a couple tracks from it, with the band sharing “Anti-glory” and the album’s excellent closing track “Billy.” (Both ranked amongst our favorite songs in their respective weeks.) Last week, the band also popped up with an Au Pairs cover, but today they’re back with another one of their own new songs.

The latest preview of Versions Of Modern Performance is called “World Of Pots And Pans.” Here’s what the band had to say about it:

“World Of Pots And Pans” is the first love song Horsegirl has ever written — or the closest thing to it. We wrote it in Penelope’s basement while preparing to leave for our first ever tour. The lyrics, inspired by the misinterpretation of a Television Personalities lyric, imagine a (possibly unrequited) romance unfolding through references to Tall Dwarfs, Belle & Sebastian, and the Pastels.

We made the lyric video in a couple hours. The three of us had a fully formed vision of what it should look like and were able to quickly execute the real-time “animation” in only two takes. It feels special to showcase our creative chemistry, and Nora was able to finally carry out her childhood dreams of making an OK Go (ish) type video.

Check it out below.

Versions Of Modern Performance is out 6/3 on Matador.