“Lovin’ It” is not a cover of the McDonald’s jingle that Justin Timberlake once performed and Clipse may or may not have helped to write. “Lovin’ It” is an original bonus track from the new deluxe edition of Homeboy Sandman’s 2021 EP Anjelitu. As he informs us repeatedly, he’s outside the matrix and lovin’ it. Like the rest of the songs on Anjelitu, “Lovin’ It” is produced by Aesop Rock. “I’m ’bout to start my own channel/ But only for people not afraid of their own shadow,” Homeboy raps. “You won’t be able to watch it on your phone/ You’ll just be able to feel it in your bones.” Hear the song below and let us know if you are indeed lovin’ it.

The deluxe Anjelitu is out 7/29 on Mello Music Group.