High Vis are a punk band that came out of the same London scene as Chubby And The Gang, Higher Power, and the Chisel. They also formed directly out of hardcore bands, including Dirty Money, Tremors, Die, and the Smear. All of that would set High Vis up to be an aggressive, gnarly prospect, and supposedly their shows do get pretty intense. But based on their new single, they’re taking that intensity and tapping into different chapters of British music history.

Along with the announcement they’ve signed to Dais Records and the promise of an album due out later this year, High Vis have shared a new track called “Talk For Hours.” There’s a bit of a punk edge to it, but more so of the post-punk variety — and otherwise, there’s swirly Creation Records textures and Madchester dreaminess underneath the bite. Frontman Graham Sayle says the song is “”a sobering reflection on endless conversations without resolution. Temporary chemical optimism and subsequent hopeless introspection. A song born out of late nights waiting your turn to shout your struggle that no one will listen to.”

“Talk For Hours” is an addicting and exciting hint of where High Vis might be going in the near future. Check it out below.