Earlier in the month, we talked about how Post Malone recorded a new theme for the live-action film Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers starring John Mulaney as Chip and Andy Samberg as Dale. Well, the day has arrived. The Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers soundtrack is out, and with it, Posty’s new theme song.

The animated/live-action Rescue Rangers, which is now streaming on Disney+, takes place in Los Angeles 30 years after the 1988 TV series of the same name. Chip works as an insurance salesman and Dale has had “CGI surgery.” The movie also stars KiKi Layne, Will Arnett, Keegan-Michael Key, Eric Bana, Flula Borg, Dennis Haysbert, Tress MacNeille, Tim Robinson, Seth Rogen, J.K. Simmons, and Chris Parnell. Check out Post Malone’s contribution below.

01 “Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers Theme” (Post Malone)
02 “Rescue Rangers Anthem”
03 “Sweet Pete Suite”
04 “New School, Same Dale”
05 “Best Friends”
06 “Just A Showbiz Thing”
07 “Chip Off The Ol’ Block”
08 “Monterey Jack”
09 “Bootlegging”
10 “The Case Of The Missing Monty”
11 “Main Street”
12 “The Cheese Cellar”
13 “Old Merchandise”
14 “A Beary Narrow Escape”
15 “Double O’ Dale’d”
16 “The Crime Lab”
17 “The Russian Bathhouse”
18 “San Pedro Rocks”
19 “Mission Chippossible”
20 “Not Heroes”
21 “Sniffing Out A Clue”
22 “Chipnapped”
23 “The Bare Necessities”
24 “Dirty Putty”
25 “Rangers Reunited”
26 “Rescuing Chip”
27 “Frankenpete”
28 “The Smartest Chipmunks”
29 “Rescue Rangers”

The Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers soundtrack is out now.