Taylor Swift is making headlines a lot today — for both her new 1989 (Taylor’s Version) and the fact that she is reportedly now a billionaire. According to Forbes, Swift’s net worth is currently $1.1 billion. It has raised at least $360 million since June alone when the publication held its list of the richest self-made women.

While she has had a high net worth for years, her massive run on The Eras Tour gave her a significant boost to new heights. They note that during the first leg of the tour, she earned $190 million after taxes. She has since received another $35 million from the first few weeks of the concert film airing in theaters, as she did an exclusive deal with AMC.

The publication points out that around $500 million of Swift’s net worth comes from her “music royalties and touring.” The other $500 million is tied to her extensive catalog, which has likely grown in value since she released new albums and re-recorded versions to own her masters.

Swift also has worth in her various real estate properties, which Forbes estimates as being around $125 million across six different homes. And then, add in another $10 million for her private plane.

She now joins the ranks of other musical billionaires like Rihanna and Jay-Z.

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