Uproxx’s February 2022 cover band Khruangbin started their A LA SALA Tour at the end of March, as they have continued playing shows across North America these past few weeks — including one where they’re performing for a second show at the Madonna Inn tonight in California.

This Sunday, April 21, they will also play another set at Coachella in support of their recent album — which is also titled A LA SALA.

For those who are planning to catch them this weekend and might be wondering what songs to expect, here’s what to know.

So far on the band’s tour, they have played the new album in its entirety on most stops except Coachella. They also use the set’s other half to add in some other favorites across their discography. According to Setlist.FM, Khruangbin added four songs from their 2015 album, The Universe Smiles Upon You, along with other surprises sprinkled in.

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Khruangbin’s A LA SALA Tour Setlist

1. “Fifteen Fifty‐Three”
2. “May Ninth”
3. “Ada Jean”
4. “Farolim De Felgueiras”
5. “Pon Pón”
6. “Todavía Viva”
7. “Juegos y Nubes”
8. “Hold Me Up (Thank You)”
9. “Caja De La Sala”
10. “Three From Two”
11. “A Love International”
12. “Les Petits Gris”
13. “Mr. White”
14. “Two Fish And An Elephant”
15. “August Twelve”
16. “Rules”
17. “Lady And Man”
18. “Pelota”
19. “María También”
20. “White Gloves”
21. “So We Won’t Forget”