Jack Antonoff and Bleachers kicked off their From The Studio To The Stage tour with a quick run of UK performances in March. Now, they’ve launched the North American leg, with two shows under their belt so far. If you’re planning on checking out an upcoming concert and you’re the kind of fan who likes to have an idea of what the setlist looks like ahead of time, we got you covered.

Per setlist.fm, the band played a pretty even mix of songs at their latest show, on May 20 at Red Rocks in Colorado. The set featured tracks mostly from the albums Bleachers (6 songs), Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night (5), Gone Now, and Strange Desire (4 each). This was

Check out the Red Rocks setlist below.

Bleachers’ From The Studio To The Stage Tour Setlist

1. “I Am Right On Time”
2. “Modern Girl”
3. “Jesus Is Dead”
4. “How Dare You Want More”
5. “Wake Me”
6. “Everybody Lost Somebody”
7. “Goodmorning” (acoustic)
8. “Dream Of Mickey Mantle / Me Before You”
9. “Chinatown”
10. “Don’t Go Dark”
11. “Self Respect”
12. “Wild Heart”
13. “Rollercoaster”
14. “Let’s Get Married”
15. “Margaret” (Lana Del Rey cover) (snippet, audience request)
16. “45” (acoustic)
17. “Ordinary Heaven”
18. “Tiny Moves”
19. “Stop Making This Hurt”
20. “I Wanna Get Better”
21. “Don’t Take The Money”