In their second SNL performance of the night, Foo Fighters continued to show why they are one of the most timeless bands of our time. Continuing to share songs from their most recent album, But We Are Here, the band performed “The Glass,” a ballad alluding to the loss of the band’s drummer, Taylor Hawkins.

On “The Glass,” lead vocalist Dave Grohl mourns the loss of a friend, and how he has been forced to go through life without him.

“I had a version of home, and just like that / I was left to live without it, left to live without it / I had a person I loved, and just like that / I was left to live without him, left to live without him,” sings Grohl on one of the song’s verses.

Adding more rockstar flair to this heartbreaking album cut was HER, who performed this particular verse alongside Grohl, while showing off her guitar chops. Toward the bridge of the song, Grohl and HER delivered an electrifying guitar duet.

HER’s special appearance wasn’t the only surprise of the night. Earlier, actor Christopher Walken introduced the band ahead of their performance of “Rescued,” marking a special full-circle moment.

You can watch the performance of “The Glass” above.