What says Christmas in Brooklyn better than a chorus of, "Light up my Christmas tree like a cigarette / We don't need eggnog / We've got Jameson?"

All I want for Christmas is…a mohawk? In “Brooklyn Christmas Eve” — Brent Butler’s punky/power-pop tribute to the holiday season — a mohawk could actually be on someone’s wish list. Butler and his pals – judging by the lyrics – aren’t expecting much in the line of presents this year, and they’re okay with that:

Unemployed, so we got no shopping bags

But we're happy with the little things we have

Radio says this is the best time of the year

But my wish is for summer to appear.

Influenced by the Pogues and Green Day, Butler brings his own millennial-infused, charmingly off-beat sensibility to this chanson pour Noël.

If Butler got you pogo-ing around the Christmas tree, lend an ear to his 2018 debut EP Lilac. It’s a genre-bending blend of new wave and hip-hop and is available on any number of platforms.

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