Everyone loves a new tattoo, and Hardy has a new one that he is showing off on Instagram.

Hardy’s new ink is on the inside of his lower lip and says “JIM BOB” — an ode to the title of the singer’s latest single. Check out the photo below.

The lip tattoo obviously is a new one, but it’s not the first ink for Hardy. The “Truck Bed” singer has spoken before about his ink, which includes a half sleeve of magnolias and catfish on his right forearm.

Hardy has long been open about his love for tattoos, showing them off in pictures on his social media. You can see his arm tattoos in the wedding photo with wife Caleigh below.

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In fact, the couple loved body art so much they had a tattoo booth at their wedding giving guests a chance to get some work done. RaeLynn, another artist who has love for the needle and ink, actually got a tattoo done at Hardy’s wedding.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Hardy and go with the inside the lip tattoo, be warned, it may not last. Tattoo artist Shawn Neu, owner and artist at Fresh Skin Tattoo, mentions that although he did not do this tattoo, the inside the lip tattoo has a high chance of fading over time.

“Anytime you get a tattoo on a part of the body that you use a lot, like side of fingers, bottom of hands and feet or lips, those areas are used all day and your body regenerates those cells constantly. which breaks down the ink and those tattoos fade much quicker.”

As for Hardy, even if “JIM BOB” doesn’t last forever, he seems to be pretty pleased with the new ink for now.

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