Last year, the great Memphis rapper Young Dolph was murdered at the age of 36; it’s an incalculable loss for rap music. There haven’t been a lot of saccharine Dolph tributes, possibly because Dolph was never a saccharine rapper. Instead, Dolph tributes have generally taken the form of tracks like “Long Live Dolph,” a song that the frequent Dolph collaborator Gucci Mane released last year — songs that stick to the same swaggering street-rap blueprint that Dolph himself always used. That’s definitely the case with Gucci’s new single “Blood All On It,” which features a posthumous Dolph verse and an appearance from Dolph’s cousin and rap partner Key Glock.

Really, “Blood All On It” is more of a Young Dolph track than a Gucci Mane one. Dolph handles the hook, and the heavy, simple beat was co-produced by BandPlay, the beatmaker who made most of Dolph’s best tracks. All three rappers on the song find the pocket and sound confident as all hell. The Dolph on this track is the kind of Dolph that I want to remember. He just floats all over the beat. Key Glock sounds as scrappy as ever, and Gucci rhymes “phony” with “jabronies.” Good song! Check out the video below.

“Blood All On It” is out now on 1017 Global Music/Atlantic.