All eyes have been on Green Day lately. In October, Billie Joe Armstrong and company announced their new album, Saviors (which is out now, by the way). Then, they made headlines for their New Year’s Eve performance, which featured an anti-Trump lyric change to “American Idiot.” Earlier this week, the band revealed that on their upcoming tour in support of the new album, they’ll be playing Dookie and American Idiot in full every night.

A few days ago, the band was spotted in the New York City subway with Jimmy Fallon, performing a few songs for passersby. (Tragically, nobody told matinee enthusiast Jamie Lee Curtis.) As expected, the whole thing was filmed for The Tonight Show and the segment aired yesterday (January 18).

This isn’t Fallon’s first time taking a major artist to the streets for an unexpected performance, and as these things usually go, everybody started out in disguise. After covering Bad Company’s “Feel Like Makin’ Love,” they took off the costumes and got into some of their own songs. Aside from with aired on the show, The Tonight Show also shared a web-exclusive video of additional performances from the set.

Per, the full performance consisted of six songs: “Feel Like Makin’ Love,” “Basket Case,” “Look Ma, No Brains!,” “Rock And Roll All Nite” (a Kiss cover), “Dilemma,” and “American Idiot.”

Check out the videos above.

Saviors is out now via Reprise Records. Find more information here.