The young Malaysian superstar Charmaine Koh has been keeping up with her high quality singles and collaborations as her stardom is getting closer and closer.

An impressive vocalist, Charmaine Koh is set to be the next big star coming out of Asia, while already amassing a big following in her native Malisya and the US. 

The young Asian pop star started her professional career at 12 years-old by representing her country at the 20th World Championships of Performing Arts. Charmaine Koh ended up winning ‘Champion of the World’ in two different categories, as well as three gold medals, 2 silvers and a bronze. Her voice and performing abilities were so impressive that labels started to pique their interest, which resulted in her debut single that amassed hundreds of thousands of plays, called “Ordinary Girl.”

Now, the artist is set to become a major pop singer out of her continent, opening doors to young talented artists and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. A prolific artist with recent bangers like “Montage” and “Dreamin,’” Charmaine Koh is a unique talent to watch out for.

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