Camp Cope leader Georgia Maq has announced a new EP, Live At Sydney Opera House, which was recorded during a performance in the Utzon Room at … you guessed it, the Sydney Opera House. The EP contains her singing a cover of Regina Spektor’s “Samson,” a track first included on her 2002 album Songs and then redone for 2006’s Begin To Hope.

“Samson is a very important song to me, being a greek woman with a moustache and hairy arms I was always bullied in school about being different, but then I heard Samson and it completely changed my perspective of my body,” Maq said. “I started playing that song when I was 15 and it always brought me back to my power.”

Listen below.

01 “Big Embarassing Heart”
02 “Living Alone”
03 “Neighbour”
04 “Cold Summer”
05 “Samson” (Regina Spektor Cover)

The Live At Sydney Opera House EP is out 12/2.