Riversleem are a pulverizingly severe quartet out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. As heard on the new A Debut Release, which compiles four songs the group wrote and recorded in 2019, they play some unholy combination of grindcore, screamo, and metallic hardcore. This is music that never ceases to be piercingly violent and frighteningly intense, whether encasing Kyle Zurevinski’s shrill vocals in blistering peels of noise or locking into churlish power chord grooves. Furthermore, the EP does its damages in just over eight minutes — just enough time to seethe, flail, and work yourself up into an angry stupor in response to what ails you before regathering yourself and moving on with your day. Alternately, you could play it several times in a row. Dig in below.

A Debut Release is out now digitally and 5/7 physically on Tomb Tree Tapes. Purchase it here. A note accompanying the release explains, “All proceeds from this release will be donated to Prairie Harm Reduction, an organization that seeks to ‘improve the quality of life for all members of our community through gold standards in harm reduction; emphasizing local action with national impact.’”