Much of Foo Fighters’ new album But Here We Are reckons with the death of longtime drummer Taylor Hawkins, but the album is also dedicated to Dave Grohl’s late mother, Virginia Hanlon Grohl, who died last August. She was a teacher by profession, and she’s almost certainly the subject of Foo Fighters’ new song “The Teacher,” the album’s fourth pre-release single after “Rescued,” “Under You,” and “Show Me How.”

Appearing in the album’s penultimate slot, “The Teacher” is a 10-minute epic that soars through segment after segment rather than your standard Foo Fighters verse-chorus-verse. “Try and make good with the air that’s left/ Counting every minute, living breath by breath,” Grohl sings before ripping into a resounding “GOODBYE!” The song is paired with a short film by Tony Oursler, which you can watch below.

But Here We Are is out 9/2 on Roswell/RCA.