Fontaines DC has announced their fourth studio album, Romance. The album is scheduled for release this summer via XL Recordings, and was primarily produced by James Ford.

Ahead of the album, Fontaines DC has shared the song, “Starburster.”

Inspired by a panic attack, the clashy, trippy “Starburster” features lead vocalist Grian Chatten approaching unhinged territory, before arriving to clarity. The song’s accompanying video follow a man finding serenity amid the chaos through his day-to-day routine.

Chatten shared that the album was partially inspired by the anime Akira and the concept of finding love as the world is falling apart.

“I’m fascinated by that – falling in love at the end of the world,” said Chatten in a statement. “The album is about protecting that tiny flame. The bigger armageddon looms, the more precious it becomes,” while O’Connell adds “This record is about deciding what’s fantasy – the tangible world, or where you go in your mind. What represents reality more? That feels almost spiritual for us.”

You can see the video for “Starbuster” above and the Romance cover art and tracklist below.

Fontaines DC’s Romance Album Cover Artwork

XL Recordings

Fontaines DC’s Romance Tracklist

1. “Romance”
2. “Starburster”
3. “Here’s The Thing”
4. “Desire”
5. “In The Modern World”
6. “Bug”
7. “Motorcycle Boy”
8. “Sundowner”
9. “Horseness Is The Whatness”
10. “Death Kink”
11. “Favourite”

Romance is out 8/23 via XL Recordings. Find more information here.