Last month, Jenn Wasner announced a new collection of Flock Of Dimes tracks, Head Of Roses: Phantom Limb, which includes some demos, live performances, covers and new songs recorded around the time of last year’s full-length Head Of Roses. We’ve already heard “It Just Goes On” from it, and today Wasner is sharing another one of the collection’s brand new tracks, “Go With Good.”

“‘Go With Good’ is about making peace with those moments in which what we believe we want for ourselves doesn’t end up aligning with what life actually has in store for us,” she wrote in a statement. “It’s about trying to step outside of ourselves enough to see and accept things as they truly are— letting go of the illusion of control that keeps us stuck, and revising the false narratives that we may have constructed to protect ourselves from pain.”

Listen below.

Head Of Roses: Phantom Limb is out 4/15 via Sub Pop.