Ariana Grande is rumoured to be teasing a new comeback single called ‘Yes, And?’

Fans have speculated about the news since the popstar was photographed wearing a custom sweatshirt with the phrase on January 4.

Whilst ‘Yes, And?’ might refer to Grande’s forthcoming seventh album, fans believe the term refers to an upcoming song. Last week, the singer shared a muted Instagram post featuring her mother Joan dancing to one of her unreleased songs. Fans deduced that Joan was singing the words “yes, and?”.


Rumours spread further when Joan reportedly liked the following tweet on X/Twitter: “ariana grande teasing her comeback single ‘yes, and?’”

Grande recently shared her reflection on 2023, admitting that while she has “never felt more pride or joy or love”, she has also felt “so deeply misunderstood by people who don’t know me”. The post was made following concerns over the singer’s body made by fans on TikTok.

She also teased new music via a package to her fans, containing a message written in red lipstick: “see you next year”.

The singer also hinted that producer Ilya Salmanzadeh had worked on the album. He has previously produced numerous hits for Grande, including ‘Problem’, ‘Bad Idea’, ‘breathin’ and ‘Santa Tell Me’.


The forthcoming seventh album will follow her 2020 album ‘Positions‘, which NME rated three stars. We said the project was “a pleasant listen, but this feels strange juxtaposed with the lyrical content that flits between brazen vulnerability and all-out raunch-fest, demanding something more. As an introduction to the next era of Grande’s career, it’s solid, but you can’t help but feel it’s missing some of her trademark sparkle.”

In other news, Grande recently signed a new management deal after parting ways with former manager Scooter Braun in August 2023 after a ten-year working relationship.