Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour and the supporting concert film have smashed world records. But an online rumor has attempted to tie the singer’s latest round of concerts to the biggest news story in the world right now: According to Billboard, a bodyguard from the tour has stepped away from Swift’s team to enter the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The online rumor started with a post shared on the State of Israel’s official X account. The outlet referenced the governmental agency’s latest social media upload in the report as confirmation. The agency created a side-by-side image of Swift and her supposed bodyguard in the post. The caption read, “Hey, Taylor Swift, we promise you’ll never find another like him 💙. Taylor Swift’s #ErasTour bodyguard returned home to fight for his country. We love you, Eran 🇮🇱💙.”

However, Swift’s die-hard fans rushed to debunk the report by attaching a community note to the initial upload. “The bodyguard in question worked for Arrowhead Stadium (in Kansas City, Missouri),” read the note. “The second picture is from Swift’s July 8th show of ‘The Eras Tour’ at this venue. This means he was never under her employment, and he is not part of the singer’s personal security team.”

Taylor Swift has not issued a comment regarding the matter.

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