Billie Eilish has shown off an image of her massive new back tattoo – but fans are having trouble understanding what it’s meant to be.

The 21-year-old singer teased that she had gone under the needle to get a new tattoo last month, when she shared a post online giving fans a glimpse at a new pattern on the back of her neck.

Now, Eilish has revealed an image of the full piece, which runs down her spine – however, some fans have been left baffled by what the design is meant to be.


In the picture, the singer-songwriter is seen lying on her stomach with the new design running down the length of her back. It seems the picture was also taken within moments of the tattoo’s completion, as the fresh ink is still smeared on her skin.

While most fans immediately took to socials to show their excitement for the new backpiece – many of which simply writing ‘TATTOO’ – others have been left puzzled by what the design is meant to be, or what it is meant to symbolise.

“I’m gonna need Billie Eilish’ tattoo explained to me please & thank you,” one wrote on X (formerly Twitter), while another added: “I like Billie Eilish but all my timeline is her back tattoo and now I really just wanna know what it is”

A third commented: “Hate to be like this but…what is it? what am I supposed to see?”, while another speculated it was meant to look like the portal in Stranger Things.

One also took to social media to explain that the design isn’t meant to be anything per se, just a design in the style of “cyber sigilism”. Check out more fan responses below.


In other Billie Eilish news, earlier this month the singer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! alongside her brother Finneas, and argued that her 2019 chart-topping single ‘Bad Guy’ is the “stupidest song in the world”.

“Objectively, ‘Bad Guy’ is like the stupidest song in the world, but it’s really good,” she said during the discussion. “It’s just like you have to understand, you have to have humour in it. Like, [on] that song I’m trolling. That song is supposed to be goofy, but it’s just funny because it’s dumb. It’s literally, like, ‘Duh.’ Like, what does that mean?”