Here’s everything we know about Slipknot‘s unreleased album Look Outside Your Window, which is supposedly due out this year.

Hardcore Slipknot fans have been hearing about Look Outside Your Window, an album that was recorded by several members of the band in the late 2000s. It was supposed to be release multiple times since the recording commenced, but was delayed each time for different reasons.

With Slipknot’s first performance of 2024 taking place later this month at Las Vegas’ Sick New World festival, we realize the band could announce the release date for Look Outside Your Window at any given moment.

Thus, we’ve compiled all the details we know about the unreleased album so that you can freshen up your memory before it comes out. Or, perhaps you’re learning about the set of songs for the first time.

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A couple of songs that were written during the studio sessions for Look Outside Your Window wound up on other albums. We also know what some of the tentative song titles are, as well as what band’s style Corey Taylor compares it to.

Keep reading to find out everything we know about Slipknot’s unreleased, but forthcoming album `Look Outside Your Window.

Everything We Know About Slipknot’s ‘Look Outside Your Window’

Here’s everything we know about Slipknot’s unreleased album Look Outside Your Window.

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