British-Nigerian songstress Lucianne shared a stunning single with her audiences. “More” represents most people’s desire to get off the online space and back to real life, particularly in the romance department. Leveraging her powerful voice, Lucianne sings about her love and how she wants “more” than the virtual space can offer. 

“More’ talks about an experience that I had during the pandemic and lockdown where we could only communicate with our loved ones online and had a yearning to have More of each other. This was a particularly hard time for me as I had just come off my honeymoon and my husband traveled abroad and then got stuck abroad for about 7 months,” Lucianne said about the song.

As the proud co-owner of a Nigerian football club Atlantics Business, Lucianne recently announced a challenge aimed at discovering new talent in the football scene. The participants have to show their skill with football to Lucianne’s single “More” and get a chance to win a great prize.

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