Drummer Eloy Casagrande has issued his first statement since joining Slipknot earlier this year.

For the first time in Slipknot history, the band willingly revealed a new member’s identity when they tagged the drummer in a group photo on their Instagram yesterday (April 30). In another post a few hours later, they shared a picture of Casagrande alone, formally welcoming him to the group.

Casagrande, who left Sepultura in February after 13 years, took to his own social media earlier today and shared his very first statement as a member of the ‘Knot.

“It’s an exciting moment. Unthinkable until then. There is nothing to lose, there is nothing to win. There is just living. We’re here as one,” he wrote.

“Thank you Slipknot for trusting me. Thanks all the maggots and fans around the world. See you on the road. Here comes more pain.”

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Casagrande Left Sepultura in February

Sepultura revealed the departure of Casagrande in late February, writing in a statement that the drummer “informed the band that he was leaving Sepultura to pursue a career in another project” a few days prior to their rehearsal for their 2024 tour.

Slipknot parted ways with Jay Weinberg, who’d been playing drums for them since 2014, in early November. Fans speculated online that Casagrande had taken his place when the group shared a photo of a broken ProMark drumstick on social media in early March, as that’s the brand he’s known for playing with.

Slipknot played their first two shows with Casagrande over the last week, and have several other tours booked throughout 2024.

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