The world craves dance music, and LZ7 delivers a delicious dose of huge drops and heavy bass that makes us all want to get up and move. They ignite the fire within all of us, causing us to dance uncontrollably while under their spell. This super-sonic Manchester-based EDM group brings the kind of music that gathers people together for one purpose: loving life through sound.

The group found triumph with their 2021 hit remix pack, Back In Time, which was met with wide praise. It’s clear people adore the way LZ7 remixes sounds from hit DJ’s like Radio 1’s Dance Anthems with Charlie Hedges, WZA, and more.

Now, they’re back and ready to give the world a bunch of fantastic dance music. It comes at an ideal time…disco pop, house, and electronic dance music are thriving. The world has been wound so tightly for so long, we need some good vibes…

Exactly what LZ7’s new single – Energy – brings to the table. The drops are great, the lyrics catchy, and the sound is one sumptuous summer anthem. It makes people want to forget their problems and talk about love.

Founding member of LZ7 Lindz West said, “We love a good hook and wrote this summer banger with 2 heavyweights in the game, Dave Lubben and Neon Feather. We feel like we have nailed an uplifting, dance floor filler anthem for summer 2022. Sure to be a contender for every playlist, festival and club, Energy brings exactly that. Positive Energy!”

You’ll certainly feel this Energy in the music video, premiering with PopDust today. It features concert clips with fans dancing wild as if we had no troubles in our world over the past two years. What a reminder of how we can all come together even when times are bleak.

From the moment the world started opening up again, LZ7 jumped back into the mix – performing for their fans and spreading joy. The positivity and light shared in this song are just the beginning of an eventful 2022. LZ7 enjoys creating music based on their experiences and stories shared among friends. But at the end of the day, they just want to make music all types of people relate to.

For fans yearning to catch LZ7 on tour, this music video is the ultimate snapshot of their vibe. LZ7 is currently in the midst of a round of Euro tours all across the UK and beyond until November. They’re eager to release their latest album in early 2023.

This song and video is a mere taste of what LZ7 has to offer. Music that we hugely relate to, that makes us feel good, and causes us to forget our issues.
Energy is a lighthearted reminder we will be alright.

Watch LZ7’s new music video for their song, Energy, here:

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