Last month, Cameron Wisch and Justin Jurgens unveiled their new power-pop project Dust Star with “Nothing In My Head,” which landed on our best songs of the week list. They’re releasing their debut album, Open Up That Heart, in August, and today they’re back with another single, the revved-up and frustrated “Work It Out.” Here’s Wisch on the track:

In the song, I was expressing an immense longing to resolve a conflict and the frustration and confusion that comes with struggling to communicate and to see a situation clearly. Those moments when our wounds start to dance with one another and we get lost in the storm. While it’s painful to go through, we grow by learning to ride those waves and we gain a lot of awareness about ourselves. I hope this song can help people feel some solidarity in their emotional struggles, as well as hope that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. By navigating these difficult situations we can evolve into more compassionate and self-aware people.

Listen below.

Open Up That Heart is out 8/5 via Lame-O Records. Pre-order it here.