Dua Lipa‘s third studio album Radical Optimism is finally here. And tonight (May 4), Lipa celebrated the album’s release as Saturday Night Live‘s host and musical guest. Over the years, Lipa’s penchant for performing has only improved, and her pair of SNL performances were a pleasant indication of what this era will entail.

First, Lipa performed “Illusion,” before which, she was introduced by Troye Sivan.

Dressed in leather and lace, Lipa took command of the stage. Surrounded by kinetic dancers, Lipa shined bright, matching the fast-paced, seductive energy. The black and red lighting created the feeling of a dance club, with trippy flashes and mysterious fog.

In her second performance of the night, Lipa performed the album’s closer, “Happy For You.”

After she was introduced by Jerry Seinfeld, Lipa appeared on stage, emerging through a cloud of smoke. Dressed in shiny silver and white undergarments, this performance felt a bit more bright and cozy than the performance of “Illusion.” Which, in this case, is fitting, as lyrically, “Happy For You,” features Lipa expressing gratitude over the fact that her ex has moved on and is able to be happy with someone else.

Lipa has not yet announced a tour for Radical Optimism, but these performances proved to be precursors to one hell of concert.

You can see the performances above.

Radical Optimism is out now via Warner Records. Find more information here.

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