Dua Lipa has several memorable hit songs to her name. Thanks to her track’s infectious beats, catchy lyrics, and vibrant personality, pop music lovers have quickly gravitated to the “Illusion” singer. With her charting success, one fan decided to pick Dua Lipa’s mind for their very first body modification.

During an exchange on at a listening party for her album, Radical Optimism, a fan asked for Dua’s advice on her first tattoo. Dua Lipa then suggested a line from The Notorious B.I.G.’s song “Get Money.”

“I have a funny story to tell,” said the fan. “Ok, on my 19th birthday, I asked you for a tattoo [suggestion on] Twitter and you said, ‘F*ck b*tches. Get money.’” The fan went on to reveal the ink on their left foot.

Dua appeared to be a mix of conflicting emotions, including confusion and excitement. “No,” screamed Dua. “I’m obsessed.”

There are many iconic Biggie songs including “Notorious Thugs,” “Juicy,” “Mo Money Mo Problems,” and “One More Chance.” But Biggie’s “f*ck b*tches, get money,” bar is a true mantra to live by.

View users’ response to the exchange below.

“Dua Lipa’s out here influencing life choices, damn,” wrote one user.

“Dua looks mortified, LMFAO. Celebrity influence is wild,” joked another.

“LMFAOOO, that’s so cute, tho,” penned another.

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